Most people are familiar with the Titanic, but few are aware of the largest maritime disaster in American History. On April 27, 1865, the Mississippi steamboat Sultana exploded, killing over 1,800 souls.

Documentary Teaser by Jeff Hoopingarner.

The Sultana was heading north out of Memphis, Tennessee, overcrowded with more than 2,300 Union soldiers, newly released POWs on their way home after surviving the horrors of Civil War prison camps. In the early morning hours of April 27, 1865, the Sultana exploded, killing an estimated 1,800 of the souls aboard.

content-img1This accident wasn’t only tragic because POWs died on the way home; it’s not just tragic because greed-driven men squeezed over 2,500 soldiers, passengers and crew onto a vessel licensed to carry 376; the Sultana disaster is tragic because it was covered up and ultimately forgotten. Greed, corruption, tragedy and humanity make the Sultana a story to remember.

Our goal is to tell this story, what happened on the ill-fated voyage, how and why. This documentary is just the start. The Sultana should be in our history books, taught in our schools, and remembered by all who have a duty to those who fight to protect our freedoms and our nation. Please help us to remember the Sultana, and to raise this story from the depths of the Mississippi and into the hearts of people everywhere.

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