Hey, everyone! Meet Sean Astin, Co-Executive Producer and Narrator of the Sultana documentary and Mark Marshall, Co-Producer of the documentary as Sean announces his formal involvement in the project.

The Sultana documentary team is very fortunate to have the passion, drive, and experience of this fine actor (“The Goonies”, “Rudy”, “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”) and radio personality (“Vox Populi: Voice of ‘The Occasionally Interested’ People”). Please take a moment to hear what Sean has to say and then make a choice to join the Sultana team as we prepare to launch our Kickstarter campaign. You will be helping us bring long-delayed recognition to those who endured one of the most terrible chapters in our nation’s history. Not only that, but you’ll be ensuring the story of the Sultana and all those affected by her tragic end will never be forgotten. Thanks for your part in remembering the Sultana!