Jim MichaelsThe first major announcement after launching our Kickstarter campaign a couple of weeks ago involved our friend, Jim Michaels, Co-Executive Producer of the hit television series, “Supernatural.” Jim graciously agreed to sign on as Executive Producer of the “Sultana Documentary” (working title by the way!).

Our second major announcement presents us with a “good news, bad news, best news” situation. First, here’s the bad news. The campaign itself is being cancelled. Don’t worry, though, it’s only temporary. The halt is directly related to the good news, which is that we are retooling the campaign based on the involvement of a major Hollywood star who has signed on as both narrator and Executive Producer with Jim. Like many Americans, this world-famous actor (he is a Producer and Director, too!), never learned about the Sultana disaster, despite majoring in history at UCLA!

We are thrilled to have the personal and professional involvement of two well-regarded, respected and talented individuals in the motion picture industry involved in the Sultana project. Both men have some wonderful ideas for the campaign, and we decided that we need a re-do to take full advantage of their expertise.

We will re-launch our Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, April 16. At that time, we will reveal our other superstar behind the camera talent. We fervently hope that those who have made pledges to the “Sultana Documentary” prior to cancellation (and we sincerely thank you for those expressions of support) will join us again for the new campaign. And we invite everyone not previously familiar with our efforts to bring the story of the Sultana to the attention of the world to make your pledge beginning April 16. Team up with Jim, he who will be named, and the rest of the crew to make the “Sultana Documentary” a reality. Thank you!